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Advanced IP scanner is a free software which allows you to see all the computers currently connected to the same network as you are. Technically, it is a network software which scans and detects all the computers currently connected to your wired or wireless internet network. The user must input an IP address or a range of IP addresses to obtain a list of computers currently on the network. The user can also see which connections are currently active/online and which are “dead”. You can add certain computers to a “favorites” list. Via Radmin, you can use Advanced IP Scanner to connect and obtain remote control over other computers on the network. You can also gain control over Windows PC’s using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Using these modules, the user can potentially shut down and wake up machines connected on the same IP network remotely.

Launched in 2002 by the company Famatech, Advanced IP scanner has become a state-of-the-art, reliable tool for administrators to manage their network and undergo numerous networking tasks. Throughout the years Advanced IP scanner has remained free, and has become integrated with Radmin, another Famatech product. The user interface is simple enough for casual users, but the software itself has sufficient features for most day-to-day complicated network tasks, making it a must-have tool for system admins around the world.

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