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MichaelThis antivirus efficiently scans and removes any threats found on your system

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One of the most powerful adware cleaners available for Windows users, AdwCleaner is a free application that identifies and silently removes programs that could compromise the security and performance of your computer.


  • Fast scanning
  • Removes spyware, adware, toolbars and PUPs
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Free to use
  • Quick uninstallation


  • Requires restarting for every cleaning session

A popular adware cleaner and anti-malware application, AdwCleaner finds and removes a wide range of unwanted programs as well as junkware to keep your web experience hassle-free and optimal. This tool is designed to target hackers, adware, spyware, toolbars, and unwanted programs with advanced technology. It is a lightweight tool that needs no installation to use. It can be run from any storage device and leaves no traces in the registry.

Using AdwCleaner is a breeze. Upon starting, it instantly finds traces of unwanted components or remains from previous programs that need to be cleaned. All the results are listed in the form of a text document to let you view which files are detected. You can use the Delete button to start removing the files. You need to reboot the system to end the cleaning process.

An impressive feature of this tool is that you can uninstall it easily with a button click. Pressing a button deletes the program in no time. AdwCleaner removes unwanted toolbars from the browser and bundled programs that could create a way for spyware and potentially unwanted programs to put you back in control of your browsing experience.

Final Verdict

AdwCleaner is an excellent security tool that keeps your computer free of adware and other potentially dangerous threats. It is a portable application that instantly scans the entire system to look for suspicious programs that could slow down your computer. It deletes these files quickly to maintain optimal performance.

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