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MichaelBrowse online safely with AOL’s Shield Browser

A review by Michael

A free internet browser designed to protect users against online threats, AOL Shield Browser, is based on the Chromium browser framework and comes with a host of advanced security features to facilitate a secure browsing experience on Windows.


  • Available as a freeware
  • Support for Chrome extensions, themes, apps
  • Offers standard browser features
  • Robust security features
  • Fast rendering
  • Supports most versions of Windows


  • Doesn’t support tablet and mobile
  • Only available for Windows operating system

Based on the Chromium project, the AOL Shield browser boasts many security features to protect against malware attacks, identity thefts, hackers, and scam websites.

It is fast like Google Chrome and renders web pages accurately. It also comes with standard features you would find in modern browsers, including search engine integration, incognito mode, and more.

AOL Shield browser is available for free download on Windows and supports Chrome apps, extensions, and themes. It provides a reliable and familiar way to use social media, banking, and shopping sites by protecting your information and keeping you safe against online threats. It is an excellent browser for those who want to get rid of worrying about privacy when browsing the internet.

Some of the primary features of the browser include encryption, anti-keylogging, and anti-screen capture. For example, it does not permit taking screenshots of your monitor, thus preventing malware from capturing your sensitive data.

Anti-keylogging delivers real-time protection by hiding from hackers what you enter on the keyboard. It also stops scam websites from loading so that there is no chance you reveal personal details to them.

Final Verdict

AOL Shield Browser is a solid alternative for those who like to stay protected during their everyday browsing and activities on the internet.

It comes loaded with advanced security features that protect your privacy in real-time and block websites trying to steal your personal and financial information.

Though it has some limitations, it is overall a nice freeware that makes it easy to transition from Chrome as you can import your bookmarks, extensions, apps, and settings.

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