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MichaelA lesser known, but well-rounded web browser

A review by Michael

Avant Browser is an excellent alternative for those who want a free web browser that does everything in one single, feature-rich interface.


  • Fast page loads
  • Robust security features
  • Modern, feature-rich interface
  • Customizable with skins
  • Organized options menu
  • Session restore feature


  • Lack of extensions
  • Only works on Windows systems
  • It doesn’t sync settings to other devices

The Avant Browser is freeware for Windows, ideal for those who want a standalone browser or an add-on to Internet Explorer to enjoy features no longer updated by Microsoft. As it uses the IE rendering engine, it looks and feels quite similar and is a nice option if you run an older version of Windows that doesn’t support Windows Edge.

The browser is available in two versions – Lite and Ultimate; you can choose the one that suits your requirements and platform. It uses a dual-browser engine setup to be able to load and display any site. In addition, it has a backup system that automatically imports your bookmarks, settings, and feeds from other browsers.

Avant Browser updates itself automatically, whether installed as an add-on or standalone browser, which is quite beneficial as outdated software can be vulnerable to hackers and malware. In addition, it includes a pop-up blocker and allows clearing history and cache every time you close it. For added security, it also allows browsing in private mode.

This browser loads web pages quickly and allows keeping multiple tabs open at once. There is also a convenient undo feature you can use to open the page you closed accidentally. The session-restore feature pops up the last-opened tabs when you open the browser.

Final Verdict

Avant Browser is a decent web browser with desirable features and customizable settings that let you personalize the interface to match your preferences. It is a good add-on if you use Internet Explorer on an older Windows version.

Though it is a classic browser with modern features, it is not as versatile, secure, and speedy as other popular browsers.

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