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MichaelThe browser you need if you’re privacy conscientious

A review by Michael

What is Brave?

A powerful browser that stands true to its name, Brave is here to revolutionize the world of the Internet.  Thinking more of its users’ safety, Brave takes on the demons of the dark side of the Internet and blocks all malware and phishing attacks.

What does it do?

Brave is designed to block malware and tracers, increasing the uploading of internet pages three times faster. While others offer you an incognito mode to stop browsers from collecting and selling your information, Brave introduces Tor to stop precisely this!  With Tor, your location and other private information are sent by rerouting via more than seven thousand volunteer relays points so that IT giants don’t benefit from your data.

In a layman’s language, when you connect to any website, you have three service providers in between who are relaying your information in a series, masked each time. Only the first know where you are located and what your IP address is, and only the third knows where it is connecting you without knowing you.

Why do I need Brave?

Good question! Well, you don’t need to have Brave if it weren’t for two sets of people. Firstly, people who want to hack your data and misuse it; secondly, the big IT giants who map every activity of yours and sell it to people who influence your buying decisions.

You need Brave primarily to give you the privacy of the internet pages you visit. You don’t want voluminous data of your lifetime internet life from being shared with anyone on the Internet.

Secondly, you need Brave to give you safe access to every page on the Internet without having to worry about malware that track you and could harm your computer/mobile.

Thirdly, Brave works three times faster than other browsers to give you faster search results. It does not store or steal any data from your web browsing history. The time saved in these processes is the time you gain.

Fourthly, Brave gives you a safe ‘incognito window’ type experience for every tab you open. You don’t have to switch between a regular tab and an incognito tab.

And lastly, Brave does what no other browser does. It avoids saving your search history on your machine. For a novice, it means that your computer gets freed up of storage space.  Your computer has fewer transactions to do and has much more free space available now. These features make your machine run faster with lesser baggage on it.

So let’s Brave it now! Because Brave is the new rave!

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