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CCleaner is a computer maintenance and cleaning software, which includes other features such as registry cleaning tools. It is one the most popular file cleaner and disk defragmenter software available. Its main use is the deletion of unwanted residual files left by other software such as web browsers, temporary internet files, cookies, and software such as Adobe and even video games. The software also has modules used to defragment, protect privacy, clean registry, uninstall software, wipe free disk space, remove system restore points and detect/delete duplicate files on your system. New features are perpetually being added to the cleaner. CCleaner was initially released in September 2003 by the London-based software company Piriform. The software quickly became one of the most popular files and disk cleaners available. The software can be installed on Windows, Mac OS, and Android. The software’s simple, easy-for-beginner user interface, as well as effective cleaning, has garnered it over 2 billion downloads since its launch. Despite being relatively simple, it does provide the capacity and functionality to be effective for professional users as well. This is a list of all the features available in the free version of CCleaner:

Speed up your PC

By deleting browser cache, internet temporary files, cookies and other “junk files” on a regular basis, you will notice a considerable boost to your computers speed. These files are almost always unnecessary and put a strain on your computer’s performance. If needed, you have the flexibility to customize which files are deleted.

Clean up your registry

As you use your computer, your registry will slowly become clogged up with junk files and broken settings. This can lead to computer crashes, random system errors, and your computer freezing. CCleaner’s Registry Cleaner performs a full analysis of your registry and clears it up within seconds.

Protect your online privacy

Your activity online is constantly being tracked by website and advertisers, using files which are stored on your computer called cookies. Additionally, your web history, passwords, and cache are saved – this makes you easy prey for online fraudsters and identity theft. CCleaner wipes clean these files, giving you extra privacy and safety when browsing online.

A faster start-up

Your computer most likely loads up several unnecessary/unwanted software upon the computer’s startup. This can slow down the startup process significantly – CCleaner allows you to select which software should be opened when your computer starts up.

Simple CCleaner vs. professional CCleaner

CCleaner has a licensed free-to-use version, but also offers a “PROFESSIONAL” and “PROFESSIONAL PLUS” version. Professional plus allows features not included in the free version, such as Speccy, a freeware software which allows you to find more about your devices’ hardware specs. It also includes Recuva, a file recovery module, Defraggler, a disk defragger, better detection and deletion of junk files, and an automatic clean of browser history whenever the user closes his/her browser. Additionally, it is supposed to provide better and deeper cleaning than the freemium version. This review is for the free version of CCleaner.

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