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MichaelA feature-packed browser to compete with Chrome

A review by Michael

The Chedot browser is a blazingly fast chromium-based web browser for windows-based systems.  They are hosted by Hetzner Online GmbH as ‘.com’ site. Hetzner Online has also hosted various other sites like,, and

The brand ambassador of the Chedot browser has closeness to the Che Guevara bird. This bird gets its name from Che Guevara, a Marxist and a revolutionary from Cuba in the mid-1960s.

The Chedot browser downloads search results almost two times faster amongst the billions of pages across the Internet. Giving you the most accurate results, it also offers you free music and video without any in-app purchases. Norton ConnectSafe checks all websites to evaluate websites for any unsafe and unsuitable content, especially for young children.

Now you don’t get any more hovering circles that depict ‘buffering’ messages on your screen. Watching audio-video is a pleasure with increased download speeds. The disclaimer of a robust broadband wifi connection always remains for the users to comply with. Chedot browser bypasses traditional e-commerce website ads from Amazon, e-Bay, Home Depot, and more. It only allows ads from the sponsors of Like other browsers you use, the Chedot browsers also sends your net browsing search history and download data to e-commerce players who like to customize advertisements on your screen for your convenience.

Chedot browser makes your life interesting with the audio (from Soundcloud) and video (from YouTube) download feature. The faster download speeds make music and other video files easily downloadable for your viewing pleasure. Its main landing page has direct links to manage your VPN settings. Another direct link takes you to currency exchange pages.

It has an anti-virus scan on the in-built WhatsApp messenger and Facebook services. This allows it to scan any incoming and outgoing calls or/and messages, keeping you and other users safe.

Amongst other features, it has a screenshot tool that allows you to capture screenshots clearly and quickly. Don’t miss the Unblocker feature that allows you to unlock the blocked online contents from any audio/video/gaming/ other sites.  Though helpful, ensure that you have parental locks for young children. While downloading this browser, you do not have to share any personal information; standard cookies are in place.

Chedot Browser’s welcome wizard invites you to explore all its features in more than eight languages.

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