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Kevin Li

Play as the GLA and achieve world domination, or fight them off as the USA or China

A review by Kevin

Command and Conquer: Generals is a real time strategy video game developed and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in 2003 for Windows and is the first title in the Command and Conquer series. The game’s expansion was released the same year and is called Command and Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour. Command and Conquer: Generals is played through three global armies:

The United States

The United States Army is distinguished by its high technology and the importance of its air support (many of the options of the general involve the US Air Force). The super-weapon of this faction is a particle gun, a laser emitted to a satellite and returned to the battlefield, which allows to move the beam on the ground and create a path of destruction.


The Chinese Army is distinguished by its massive army, the number of its soldiers – wrongly called “Red Guards” – as well as its nuclear technology and use of napalm. The super-weapon of this faction is a nuclear missile, which emits dangerous residual radiation for any unit present on the field.

GLA (Global Liberation Army)

The GLA is distinguished by its cheap and easily replaceable units and its use of guerrilla warfare and terrorism, as well as bacteriological weapons. The super-weapon of this faction is a series of Scud missiles, which can contain bacteriological warheads.

The goal of China and the United States is to eradicate the GLA and, conversely, the GLA wants to eject the US and China out of the world (even if it is suggested, no religion is mentioned)

Units available

There are four types of units which can be played with:

  • Soldiers trained in barracks
  • Vehicles, built in vehicle factories
  • Airplanes, produced at airports
  • Units unlocked via promotions which you cannot control (e.g. carpet bombers)

Game modes

The game is based on the strategy and military management of the three factions. There are three main modes of play:

  • “Campaign”: You lead a faction of your choice through several offensive and defensive missions
  • “Skirmish”: You will direct a faction against one or more (up to 8) enemies on the map of your choice
  • “Multiplayer”: using an internet connection or LAN, you will have access to servers where you can fight against other Generals players. These games will be harder or easier to win as you will not face AI but a real player.
EA Games, EA Pacific
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4.4/57 ratings
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10