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MichaelIceDragon is a new Comodo browser based on the Firefox infrastructure

A review by Michael

A web browser developed for the Windows platform by the Comodo Group, the Comodo IceDragon is based on Firefox to offer better speed and security as compared to popular browsers.


  • Based on Firefox
  • Social media integration
  • SiteInspector malware detection
  • Portable installation option
  • Secure DNS service
  • Light on resources
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Compatible with Firefox plugins


  • Only available for Windows
  • No 64-bit version

Aimed at providing a secure way to browse the internet, Comodo IceDragon is a free browser built upon the core functionality of Firefox to be easy to use, fast, and light on resources. It improves privacy and performance over the existing browser and adds several other enhancements including compatibility with firefox plug-ins, Secure DNS, and SiteInspector.

IceDragon is specifically built from the ground up to combine the functionality of Mozilla Firefox with the privacy and security of Comodo. It is a fast and versatile Internet browser with SiteInspector malware scanning technology that allows verifying whether a page hosts malicious content. Users can also use the DNS servers without any charge for faster page loads and a safer browsing experience.

This modern browser also comes with social media integration that allows you to instantly share content with your friends on different platforms. It has a familiar user interface resembling Firefox and offers full compatibility with Firefox plugins and extensions. With improved privacy and security, IceDragon makes the most secure and fastest version of Firefox.

Final Verdict

Comodo IceDragon is one of the newest browsers that aim to offer a more secure, feature-packed alternative for Firefox and Chrome users while retaining the user experience of the existing browsers. It is a free Firefox-based internet browser that enhances the core functionality with additional features like Secure DNS, SiteInspector, and social media integration.

Though it is a relatively new browser, it offers much in terms of security and performance, making it a worthy choice for those who want a faster, more secure browser.

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