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Diablo is the game which shaped Blizzard games until this day.

A review by James

A brief background on the Diablo games

Diablo is a hack ‘n’ slash video game developed by Blizzard North. The Windows PC version was released in January 1997 in North America and Europe by Blizzard Entertainment and Ubisoft. Following the success of Diablo 1, Blizzard Entertainment allows Synergistic Software to develop an expansion called Diablo: Hellfire, which was released in November 1997. For its part, Blizzard North launched the development of Diablo II, which was released on June 29, 2000. The third episode of the series, called Diablo III, was announced on June 28, 2008, and was released on May 15 2012.

The mystical world of Diablo

Diablo takes place in a medieval world of fantasy. The story takes place in a village in the kingdom of Khanduras called Tristram in which is located a monastery built many years before the events of the game. This monastery was built to host the prison of a powerful demon known as Diablo: the lord of terror . He and his brothers Baal and Mephisto were once banished from hell by their subordinates and then exiled into the world of men. They then sowed discord and destruction in the kingdoms of the East until a clan of mages called the Horadrims, led by the archangel Tyrael managed to defeat them. The Horadrims then locked the three demons in “Soulstones” which were then hidden in three fortresses today forgotten.

Diablo’s escape from prison

A northern lord named Léoric proclaimed himself king of Khanduras and settled in the former Horadrims monastery in which Diablo had been locked up. Shortly after the king’s arrival into the monastery, the demon wakes up and gradually creeps into the nightmares of the king’s counselor, until he succeeds in forcing the corrupted king to find the “soulstone” and break it. Released from prison, he succeeds in corrupting King Leoric but fails to take possession of his body. Diablo nevertheless persuades the king to engage in unnecessary wars and takes advantage of his absence to take over the body of the king’s son. His control over the young prince being total, Diablo finally manages to resume its original, terrifying form. The war unleashed by Diablo proved to be a real carnage, quickly forcing the king’s troops to retreat and return to Tristram. As a result of Diablo’s attempts to take possession of his body, Leoric went mad and, learning of his son’s abduction, accused and then executed many of his subjects. One of his lieutenants will nonetheless resist him and, at the end of bloody battles in the underground of the monastery, he manages to kill the king but he and his troops will not manage to come out alive from the labyrinth.

Your turn to influence and help the people of Tristam

The game begins shortly after in the village of Tristram in which an adventurer played by the player arrives to investigate the strange events that occurred in the region. He manages to descend deep underground into the catacombs of the monastery. During his exploration, he regularly helps the inhabitants of Tristram and manages to kill many evil creatures like a demon called the Butcher who kills his victims with a chopper in a room covered with bloody corpses. He met the scholar Deckard Cain, who revealed him to be the last member of the Horadrim Order. In the depths of hell. The hero finally faces Diablo and manages to kill him. To imprison him, he then thrusts the “soulstone” into his own skull, hoping to be able to channel the powers of the lord of terror.

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