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MichaelMicrosoft’s API graphics technology for graphics and games

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Microsoft DirectX is a compilation of application programming interfaces, also known as APIs (for example DirectPlay, DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectMusic, and so on), designed to handle tasks related to multimedia, specifically with regards to game programming and video. At first, the ‘X’ stood for all the API names, being the name of the collection, but later it was used to let the world know that the Xbox console was based on its technology.

What are the main features of DirectX 11

The Final Platform Update for Windows 7 was released on October 22, 2009, along with Direct3D as a base standard. From then to now, Microsoft released four updates for DirectX 11, making it support different operating systems (including Xbox One System Software) and bringing new features and upgrades every time. The four updates are as followed: DirectX 11.1, DirectX 11.2, DirectX 11.X and the last one is DirectX 11.3 that was released in 2015, along with DirectX 12. The main features that are included in these updates are:

  • FaceWorks: this is a library for implementing High-Quality eye refraction, skin shaders and deep scattering. FaceWorks uses techniques similar to those seen in Digital Ira, which represents a big step forward in capturing human facial expression, making it more realistic. This of course led to massive leaps in graphics in gaming.
  • HairWorks: this enables the realistic delivery of human characters with dynamic hair, using advanced simulations and techniques such as: wind interaction, dynamic hair pins with mesh attachments, shape, style and color controls, and many other more.
  • Temporal Anti-Aliasing: a technique that is designed precisely to reduce temporal aliasing, which refers to crawling and flickering. It combines the power of MSAA with resolve filters to create a polished image. Unlike FXAA methods, TXAA maximizes quality at the expense of performance, making it a superior option.
  • Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+: this feature creates realistic shadowing around objects, and allows the creation of non-uniform shadows with the purpose of adding depth to the scene. Compared to Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion, Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+ runs faster and doubles the detail level of Ambient Occlusion.
  • Volumetric Lighting: – this is also known as Crepuscular Ray. Its function is to add atmospheric depth, implementing a physical model of light scattering.
  • Depth of Field: Depth of Field is meant to enable developers to add High-Quality depth of field, and applies Bokeh (this is a photographic term) to lights within the depth of field view.

Why Direct X 11 is such an important update?

DirectX 11 is a huge update and it especially changes the way of gaming making it further realistic, which allows players to fall even deeper into their virtual world. It gives us the chance to interact more with virtual characters and to empathize with them. It is a revolutionary update to all the Application Programming Interfaces and leads us to believe that gaming and VR will become even more important in the future.


DirectX 11 is Microsoft’s API graphics technology which powers thousands of software and games. DirextX allows enhanced graphics, audio and 3D capabilities, and will make your game a lot smoother.

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