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DirectX 12 from Microsoft is a collection of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) developed to communicate with the computer’s hardware components.


  • Reduced CPU overhead
  • Speedy performance of games
  • Native to Windows 10
  • Support for older versions
  • Speed boost with multi-GPUs


  • Coding can be time-consuming
  • Memory management problem
  • Developing is not easy
  • No significant performance gains

DirectX 12 is an API suite designed to handle video rendering, audio playback, and 2D and 3D vector graphics on the Windows platform. Introduced with Windows 10, the latest edition of DirectX aims at reducing the API-related CPU overhead by giving applications the capability to manage resources directly.

DirectX 12 is a native API of Windows 10 and is backward-compatible to some degree, allowing gamers to play their favorites without getting a new graphics card. However, moving from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12 is difficult as producing optimized code for this new API takes a lot of time. While most of these problems can be handled, there are still some aspects that need consideration.

Memory management is one of the biggest issues with DirectX 12. It creates problems when using more memory than what’s available on the graphics card. As it is a low-level API, developers should test the code on several hardware combinations to see if it shows any performance issues on combinations not present in primary test hardware.

One of the biggest benefits of this API is the direct control over multiple GPUs. But the gains are easily masked by fast CPUs, high-quality settings, and high resolutions. Many users expected huge performance gains from DirectX 12 but saw just 10% performance gains overall. Moreover, using the new API takes a lot of work.


DirectX 12 brings a lot to the PC gaming table for Windows 10 and is a good reason to upgrade to the latest Windows version.

It is a free API suite that provides a good improvement in CPU performance, albeit not a lot, over the earlier versions but can take a little effort to get started with.

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