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Discord is a freeware platform specialized in image, audio, video, and text communication between users in a chat channel. It is similar to software like TeamSpeak, Twitch.tv, or Skype, but it is designed for gamers. It is meant to help them coordinate play, find each other during matches, and voice chat while gaming. It runs on Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, iOS, and most importantly, in web browsers. It was released on May 13, 2015, and is developed by Discord (formerly Hammer And Chisel).

Which web technologies is Discord built on?

The Discord Client is constructed with the help of several web technologies, and is based on the open-source Electron framework. This is the reason why it can operate on both web browsers and personal PCs, and is a multi-platform application.

Which topics are discussed on Discord

Although Discord is mostly used by PC gamers, users can also find servers with different topics, like cryptocurrency, anime, self-improvement, and so on. The easiest way to search for public servers is via Disboard.org, Discord.me, and Discordservers.com. The best part about servers is that anyone can create one, since it is free, and discuss any topic they please (as long as you keep it legal, of course).

What’s the difference between the Windows version and other platforms?

The Windows version of this platform offers users the possibility to download and play games from the Discord Game Store and to screen share with desktop audio. Apart from this feature, all other features can be found on other Discord versions as well.

How is Discord monetized?

Because the platform is freeware, Discord Inc. thought of monetizing it in the following way:

By paying $4.99 for a monthly subscription, users will have the opportunity to use animated and/or custom emojis, have an animated avatar, upload files up to 50MB per total, choose their personal identification number (after each username, there is a “#” followed by a unique four-digit number, in order to allow multiple users to choose the same username), screen share in higher resolution, and they will get a unique profile badge. If users pay $9.99 for a monthly subscription, they will get, besides all of the above, free access to games in Discord Game Store.

Easier to connect

Discord allows game developers, content creators, and publishers to confirm their identity and after that to display their server’s official status with a verified checkmark, by offering them server verification. This way, they have access to data from Discord in order to create a “rich presence” inside their games. When using Discord, users can connect their social media accounts to the platform in order to track down their friends easier and more than that it is quite effortless for them to make new friends that are interested in the same topics they are.


Discord is a great platform because it makes communication between gamers easier. Discord allows users to connect faster and with less effort to friends within the gaming community. It is a unique platform which makes a well-known idea of easy communication more accessible to regular users.

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