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MichaelA useful emulator which allows you to play Wii and GameCube games on your PC.

A review by Michael

An emulator is software that makes a computer system (host) to behave like a different computer system (guest). Usually, the purpose of an emulator is to enable the host to run programs that are designed for the guest. For example, with the help of an emulator, users can play games that are designed for Android/Wii/Xbox, etc, on a PC. Dolphin is an emulator for Wii and GameCube which allows users to play games that are created for these two consoles on a PC, in full HD. It was released on September 22, 2003, as freeware, being the first GameCube emulator. Later, it gained support for Wii emulation too, and it became a free and open-source software. It is widely used by gamers today as an effective emulation tool.

Features and Improvements to previous emulators

Cheat Codes

Action Replay is a cheating device created by Datel which allows users to use in-game cheats, to help them with in-game difficulties or lack of progress in the games. Dolphin Emulator allows the use of cheat codes with the help of Gecko and Action Replay.

Resource Packs

Resource Packs were introduced in December 2018. With the help of the Resource Pack Manager, users are able to install and use their custom texture packs. The downside of this feature is that most of the texture packs were created before it was announced, which resulted in creating texture formats that are not supported by the Resource Packs.

DTK Audio

DTK (Disc TracK) Audio is a feature that handles voice acting and streams aggressively licensed 90’s music. Until recently, when developer “booto” changed the behavior of DTK Audio by making it report with a precision of 0x8000, most games would crash at some point because Dolphin was too precisely reporting the Disc TracK Audio position.

Dear ImGui

Dear ImGui is a graphical user interface that replaced the old font for on-screen display messages. Users that are capable of working in C++ are able to edit this feature in order to add whatever information they want on the screen.


Dolphin allows its users to play games with GameCube Controllers (connected using a USB adapter) and Wii Remotes (connected through Bluetooth). For a few years, developers struggled to make Wii Remotes work on netplay. Fortunately, with the “Automatically Sync” feature, Dolphin is able to automatically sync which attachments users choose for their Wii Remotes. For those games which require only one Wii Remote, there will be no problems at all, while for games that require multiple Wii Remotes, users might have to configure the secondary Remote inputs.

Dolphin VR

With the help of third-party software, Dolphin VR (which has the source code hosted on GitHub) now allows users to play GameCube and Wii games in Virtual Reality. Players will get full Field of View, life-size scale, independent aiming, a 3D HUD, and the ability to look around.


Dolphin is a great emulator which gives its users a lot of features in order to improve their gameplay. The fact that it is open-source software is a big advantage because many developers are working to improve this software. So far, there were no complains about its security, which means that it does not represent a risk regarding your data’s integrity. It’s probably your best choice for GameCube and Wii emulation on PC.

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