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DOSBox is an emulator program which emulates an IBM PC compatible computer running a DOS operating system. DOS, as its name says, is a set of Disk Operating Systems, consisting of IMB PC DOS and MS-DOS. It was the main PC-compatible platform which gave birth to many operating systems.

What is DOSBox?

DOSBox is a Central Processor Unit emulator which can emulate an IBM PC compatible computer that runs a DOS operating system. This emulator was written in C++, and it is licensed by GNU General Public License. It uses SDL-library which is why the emulator can port easily to different platforms. It is a free software, and was initially released on July 22, 2002.

Features of DOSBox

  • DOSBox is able to emulate its Central Processor Unit by interpretation, which is why the environment it follows is totally self-reliant of the host Central Processor Unit. More than that, it can emulate a vast area of sound and graphics hardware (including GGA, Hercules, VGA, etc.).
  • One of the main features of DOSBox that are beyond emulating DOS is the ability to record gameplay footage and capture screenshots. Before version 0.65, when this feature was introduced, DOSBox’s users had to use third-party screen recorders to do this.
  • Another new feature added is peer-to-peer networking, which includes modem simulation over TCP/IP. This characteristic allows IPX DOS multiplayer games to be played as UDP/IP. With the help of a third-party patch, users can pass through to the host computer’s network card, and even web browser if they are using Netscape Navigator.
  • DOSBox has been used by companies like id Software, LucasArts, Activision Blizzard, and so on, to re-release some old games such as Commander Keen, Star Wars: Dark Forces etc. At first, this process was reported as a violation of the program’s license, but this problem was immediately resolved.


With this emulator you have the chance to “re-live” the good all days, being able to run a multitude of classic games that your computer would not support.  As time passed by, DOSBox became more than just an emulator due to its features like peer-to-peer networking, screencast, and screen capture. All in all, it is an excellent software with great features for retro gamers.

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