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MichaelThis extension will make your browsing sessions a lot more private and secure!

A review by Michael

An open-source browser extension focused on privacy and security, Ghostery is available as a browser extension and mobile browser app and is available for multiple mobile and web browsers.


  • Ad-blocking and anti-tracking
  • Open-source
  • Support for multiple browsers and platforms
  • Customizable
  • Offers different pricing plans


  • Free version comes with ads
  • Criticised for displaying ads
  • Can be overwhelming for novices

One of the most popular browser extensions aimed at anti-tracking and ad-blocking, Ghostery is an open-source project that works as a browser on iOS and Android. It is a useful extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, iOS, Android, and other platforms. Upon installation, the browser presents you with a Settings tab that lets you configure extensions and customize the features.

Ghostery is designed to block different types of trackers including social media content, comments, customer interaction, site analytics, advertising, and more. It protects user privacy by blocking HTTP requests and redirects in multiple ways. The extension blocks third-party tracking scripts that aim to collect user behavior data. It also creates a script library to identify new tracking scripts as and when they are added to the internet and blocks them instantly.

Ghostery also creates a whitelist of sites where it does not block third-party scripts. It reports all trackers detected, their status, and other details accessible with a button click. You can also configure Ghostery to display a list of trackers on a page in an overlay box. It also packs advanced features to allow users to personalize their experience.

Final Verdict

Ghostery is one of the best privacy and security-based extensions for web browsers available for different platforms on desktop and mobile. It blocks trackers and advertisements on popular browsers to enhance user experience. It also comes with a wide range of customization options to adjust the functionality to suit different requirements and preferences. Though beginners may find it hard to adjust the settings, it is overall a useful extension for most internet users.

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