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An action-packed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which never made it to the top

A review by James

Perfect World Entertainment and published by Perfect World Entertainment, who were also the publishers behind titles such as Blade of the Immortals, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms, and was originally beta-released on these platforms on  August 2015. With regular updates and patches, the game was set for a full-version release date of July 20, 2017, with it still in development. However, Gigantic was officially shutdown on July 31, 2018.

Choose one of 20 Heroes and battle it out in the roster.

In Gigantic, players take control of one of the 20 characters in the roster, each with their own unique abilities, weapons, and looks. These 18 distinct characters can all be played with for free. For a single match, players can only select one character, each specializing in one affinity like attack power, durability, and support. Based on their own playing styles, players have to master the strengths and weaknesses of these characters which are crafted in a masterfully balanced way to encourage strategic play and so that everyone on the battlefield is equal in strength and capabilities to affect the outcome of the match. Real-world currency cannot be used to buy weapons or upgrade abilities, and this supports fair play instead of Pay-To-Win (P2W). Only cosmetic features (e.g. skins) for the characters are available buying with real-world currency.

A 6v6 MOBA with unique art work, and a behemoth which must be killed

The map layout in Gigantic is similar to most MOBA games and is inspired by the popular custom-made mod map Defense of the Ancients (DotA) for The Frozen Throne expansion to the Blizzard game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Players are positioned at the ends of a map in two teams of six members each. In between the two bases of the teams, players have lanes connecting to the enemy’s base as well as various other elements in between. However, there are various entirely new elements in Gigantic that are not seen in many other titles. The most obvious of them will be the art style, which is vastly different from other MOBA titles and has a cartoonish playful look.

What are Guardians?

There are also other key differences. For example, the goal of a match is not to destroy an artifact at the enemy base, like it was the “Ancient” in Dota 2 or the “Nexus” in League of Legends. Instead, in Gigantic, the 6 players in a team are allied with a tall AI giant known as the “behemoth” (a Guardian). The behemoth has attack capabilities and heavy durability, which is why he is also the main objective of the game. Both teams are paired up with a behemoth, and the first team that manages in killing the other team’s behemoth wins the game. For this players have to employ a variety of tactics like cover and distraction because the behemoth is self-conscious and will focus attack on the one hitting him. A behemoth also has high durability, so attacks need to be placed regularly, all the while defending and attacking the enemy team. Such mechanics make for a fast, fluid and dynamic gameplay that has rarely been matched before.

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