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MichaelThe world’s most used web browser now available in portable version

A review by Michael

The portable version of the popular Google Chrome browser, Google Chrome Portable gives access to all the features and functionality without having to install the application on the system.


  • Fast, simple, secure
  • Can be run from an external drive
  • Need not install on the system
  • Light on resources
  • Intuitive interface
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Security and privacy features


  • Some instability issues reported
  • Certificates are not portable
  • Passwords not saved between devices

If you don’t prefer installing apps on your computer or tend to move between computers, Google Chrome Portable is one of the most useful apps for you. The portable version of this popular browser offers the benefit that you can run it without installing it on your system, thus leaving minimal impact on the rest of the system. Another advantage of running this version is that it can be backed up.

Just like Chrome’s regular version, the Portable browser is fast, simple, and secure built from the ground up to suit modern internet users. It starts up quickly, loads pages instantly, and runs complex web applications without any waiting time. The browser window is streamlined, simple, and clean, allowing you to accomplish functions conveniently. For example, it lets you search and navigate from the same box and arrange tabs as per your preference.

Chrome is also designed to take care of your security and privacy with its malware and phishing protection and auto-updates. It also gives you plenty of options to customize the browser. Tweaking the settings is a breeze on this browser, so is the access to themes, apps, and extensions. Signing in with your email syncs your settings, history, and bookmarks across systems to let you enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

Final Verdict

Google Chrome Portable is a light, secure, simple web browser version that runs on any device without installing it. Though it comes with some limitations, it is a great way to enjoy Chrome features and internet browsing experience across devices without affecting the system or losing data.

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