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Google Earth Pro was originally a premium version of Google Earth which Google offered for the price of 399$/year (the equivalent of 33.25$ a month) for users who needed more advanced features. However, in early 2015 Google made the decision to release Google Earth Pro free to the public, for the purposes of goodwill and research. This might have also had to do with poor Google Earth Pro sales. Google Earth Pro is, at the moment, the stable release of Google Earth for desktop.

Explore different areas of the world

For those who are too busy or too poor to travel, Google Earth allows you to travel across the entire world within seconds. Discover areas you have always wanted to see. For researchers, scientists and historians, Google Earth is a great way to study different areas of the world. For students, Google Earth is a go-to software for understand Geography.

Powerful search function

A powerful search function of Google Earth allows you to navigate to Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages and even streets and houses by simply typing the name into a search button. Using this, you can whizz across the entire planet to your desired region with minimal effort.

Integrated with Google Maps

Since April 27, 2010, Google Earth is also integrated in Maps, so you also have a 3D view and users can even go into the ocean and view underwater depth. Google Earth also allows you to tild and rotate stable 3D images.

Sun simulator

Starting with version 4.3 Google Earth has a function that simulates sunlight on earth at any given period of time. Thus any region on earth can be displayed during the day, night or dusk. 3D models within Google Earth are displayed in different sunlight, therefore shadow slopes in narrow valleys are shown.

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