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MichaelAccess Google Play directly from Chrome’s browser

A review by Michael

One of the most popular extensions for the Chrome browser, Google Play is aimed at giving users direct access to the Play Store right in the web browser.


  • Easy access to Play Store
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Free to download
  • Cross-platform support


  • Not available on other browsers

Google Play Chrome extension is a product from Google available as freeware for Windows users. It is a small extension with a clean, simple interface that lets you download all the content from the store with just a few clicks. It serves as a one-stop shop for learning and entertainment by giving you access to a wide variety of content including TV, books, music, moves, and more.

Once you install the extension, you can access all your downloads from multiple devices including your tablet, smartphone, computer, and smart TV. Play Store is an excellent choice to download all your favorite content across categories. With this extension, you can find everything in one place whether you use a mobile device or computer.

It is an extension that lets you download and use the wide variety of apps available on the official store of Google. It gives you access to all the apps on your computer as well as your phone. All your data is synced between devices, allowing you hassle-free use. You can use the extension to learn about new apps, find books, and queue game downloads. It also gives you the convenience of reading reviews on a bigger screen before downloading on the device.

Final Verdict

Google Play Chrome extension brings a wide range of downloadable content right on your browser with support for multiple devices so that there is no restriction on the use of the Play Store. You can quickly access the subscriptions and purchases made from the desktop browser on your smartphone or tablet. This extension is, without a doubt, a great choice for those who want a convenient way to browse seamlessly through Play Store content.

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