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MichaelCrucial for users that still use Internet Explorer, Google Toolbar provides a lot of crucial functionalities

A review by Michael

A proprietary freeware from Google, Google Toolbar (IE) is a downloadable browser toolbar that allows performing several Google search engine functions without having to open the website.


  • Easy to install
  • Customization options
  • Auto form-filler
  • Blogging
  • Different types of searches
  • Translator


  • No weather-specific searches
  • Voting buttons serve no use

If you are looking for a fully functional browsing companion that aims to enhance your experience on the Internet Explorer, Google Toolbar is an amazing tool. It features a blogging tool, a spell checker, a pop-up blocker, an auto form filler to store financial details, and a language translator to translate from English to other languages. It also comes with the ability to map addresses you want to find on the web.

Google Toolbar is a lightweight utility that installs quickly. It is also easy to set up with a wizard. Once launched, you can add and remove buttons, drag the search box to make it smaller or bigger, and set the buttons as either icon and text or icon only. The toolbar provides all the required search options including searching the web, images, Froogle, or groups. It also lets you highlight search terms on the visited page and cycle through search results.

Once installed, the toolbar sits above the tab bar on the browser and allows to perform web searches using a search box. Users can use their email account to access all the bookmarks, email, and web history. It even allows searching for stock quotes and dictionary entries.

Final Verdict

Google Toolbar is an excellent tool for Internet Explorer users, offering a wide range of specific searches, speedy search results, and some extras like automatic form filler and translator. Though it lacks some features like weather-specific searches, it is overall a great way to improve the way you search the web on your browser.

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