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A review by Michael

With a simple interface, Google translate is one of the best translation tools that allows users to translate conversations in real-time. It is compatible with 103 languages. You can also use the translator offline or on a desktop.


  • Easy and quick translation.
  • Offline support.
  • Versatile input options.


  • Translations are too literal.
  • Unavailability of adding context.
  • High chances of grammatical errors.

Out of the 103 languages, only 43 languages support bilingual conversations. Rest are limited to text-based conversion and not real-time translation for conversations. Offline translations are supported for 52 languages through downloaded language packs.

The downloaded packs are heavy (150 to 300 MB) and you need to download both languages for the feature to work. Here, language packs are not as comprehensive as the online databases.

Along with text and speech, Google translate also translates text from inside an image such as street signs and menu cards. The image translation feature supports 50 languages. Google Translate also translates handwritten texts wherein you can draw characters instead of typing.

This feature is available for 95 languages. There isn’t much space to draw out an entire phrase but once you sketch one word, you can hit the spacebar and move onto another blank area.

One of the recent updates allows free-flowing back and forth conversation between two or more people who can speak naturally while the app continuously listens and translates.

The app automatically detects someone speaking, translates the said phrase, speaks it out and moves on to listening to the next conversation. This feature is almost like having a human translator stand by you. It feels natural but it still has its drawbacks.

At times, the app doesn’t pick up both the language or it will start listening too soon which means filler words are also captured. The way conversations are translated is also literal. Colloquial phrases and slang terms are usually lost in translation.

Final Verdict

Google translate keeps getting better and tougher to beat. Image capturing lens is a bit glitchy but works well for printed texts. Conversational mode too has a long way to go. Despite its flaws, Google translate is a must-have travel tool.

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