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MichaelForce the secure HTTPS protocol to be used across all websites you visit

A review by Michael

HTTPS Everywhere retrieves web pages using the secure and encrypted HTTPS protocol for all the websites that support it, instead of the non-secure HTTP.  It is a free, open source extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

It authenticates the identity of a website, it’s connection and encrypts all the information shared between the website and the user. This protects the entire user experience from online threats.


  • Easy to implement
  • Uses DuckDuckGo Smarter Encryption rulesets
  • Protects against eavesdropping and tampering of information
  • Requires no extra hardware
  • Boosts Google SEO rankings
  • Simple UI on the browser taskbar


  • Only protects from sites that support HTTPS
  • HTTPS Everywhere should have a ruleset included for the website
  • Depends entirely on the security feature the individual website uses
  • Only works if the site has an HTTPS certificate installed
  • Loads websites with expired certificates
  • Forcing HTTPS on a site with no certificate could result in connection errors

Despite its great functionality, HTTPS Everywhere comes with its own set of limitations. For starters, several websites display content from third party domains that are not available over HTTPS.

If a website offers HTTPS support for text but not for images, HTTPS Everywhere cannot protect which images your browser loads.

Since the extension entirely depends on the website’s security, it can only activate them and not create new security features that don’t already exist.

Bottom line

Nowadays, most websites support encrypted and unencrypted versions. Major browsers have made great progress in making sure that HTTPS becomes a default. Thus, websites redirect a plain URL (http:) to a secure one (https:) on their own.

In that sense, HTTPS Everywhere isn’t as useful as it was in the earlier days when websites were actively hostile to privacy and encryption. Nonetheless it ensures peace of mind that users never accidentally visit the unencrypted HTTP side of a site that offers HTTPS.

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