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MichaelInternet Explorer is still available for archivists, specialized tools, or those just looking for some nostalgia!

A review by Michael

Launched in 1995, Internet Explorer was king of the browsers before it got dislodged by Google Chrome in 2008.

The browser itself is a serious mess, marked by an ugly interface, poor performance, and a genuine lack of features.

The only good thing about Internet Explorer is that a couple of old websites and intranet services are specifically built for the browser.


  • Older websites work better on the browser


  • Slow in speed
  • Resource hungry
  • Seriously lacks in features
  • Inflexible interface
  • Not in active development
  • Higher RAM usage

Internet explorer lacks many of the features that we now consider a standard for web browsers. Even though Google and a few other search engines can be added to the search bar, the default search engine is locked to Bing.

It comes with an array of add-ons but the selection is far less compared to Google Chrome and Firefox. There’s an Adblock Plus version which is again the bare minimum a browser can offer in terms of extendibility.

The browser comes with Bing translate which allows translation of web pages into more than 45 languages. Even though it’s good to have a translation feature instead of having none at all, Bing Translate is nowhere close to Google Translate in terms of accuracy and range of compatible languages.

The interface looks outdated and there’s no control over browsing experience. There’s also no way to customize the look of the browser. Navigating the settings to find what you need is a tedious task. If you need to make small changes, you need to search through lengthy checklists hidden inside advanced features.

Unlike most browsers, Internet Explorer does not give a warning when you try to access an insecure connection. You can be completely unaware that you are sending out critical information over an insecure connection.


Internet explorer is a mess to look at, painful to use and does not access most sites. Poor performance, privacy and security concerns add up to making Internet Explorer the least useful browser to exist.

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