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MichaelA free and highly functional VPN you can use to unblock websites

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A highly efficient VPN service that allows users to bypass restrictive firewalls and access every corner of the internet without revealing their true IP address or location. Unblocking includes access to social sites such as Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc.


  • Completely free
  • Access to geo-blocked locations
  • Easily hides your IP address


  • Servers can sometimes go slow
  • Some data may be collected

The IP unblock add-on works by rerouting your connection via secure servers. With this add-on, users can unblock regionally blocked online content by the website administrator or license holders.

Not only that, but users can also re-route restrictions placed by the government, schools, or business-related organizations. Even your data transfers are completely encrypted through all servers and routing points.

The IP Unblock is a permanently free VPN service which is one feature that distinguishes itself from other VPN services. It offers unlimited and unrestricted usage with no session, speed, or bandwidth limitations. Such features enable users to freely stream video platforms such as Youtube, Netflix etc.

It is simple to use with a one-click connection through the “Connect” button. If you are accessing the internet from untrusted sources like public WiFi hotspots, you can use the IP Unblock VPN to enhance your security and protect your personal data from hackers.

The Chrome add-on of the IP Unblock VPN clocks under 1 MB in size which means installation can be done in seconds without additional configurations and settings. The VPN is accessible to all users around the world. It can be translated into 9 languages making the add-on even more versatile.

Final Verdict

As a freeware, the IP Unblock gets the job done. The level of protection and user-friendliness this one provides is hard to match. Overall, it is a solid entry-level VPN software that comes with an array of useful features.

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