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MichaelA more secure and private Chrome alternative

A review by Michael

Iridium takes the Chromium code base, which is based on the Google Chrome Browser and enhances its security. It has been designed to not share your data and keep user privacy tight and secure.

As its central feature, Iridium prevents automatic transmission of partial inquiries, keywords and metrics. This information is transmitted only with user approval.

Despite being based on Chromium, the developers have reasonably de-googled the browser. They have removed many of the Google services built into Chromium. They have left Google’s Safebrowsing service intact which can be easily disabled from the browser’s settings.

Iridium forces strict security in order to offer a maximum level of security. It does so without compromising on compatibility options. It uses Qwant as the default search engine provider which is popular as a private search engine.

The browser is simple and easy to navigate. It does not require sound technical knowledge. In terms of speed, it is just as fast as Chrome. It launches swiftly and loads web pages fast without lags.

One of the drawbacks comes from the privacy of the extensions. Iridium cannot do much against third-party browser extensions that you download on your own.


  • Plenty of extensions available
  • Autofill related functions disabled by default
  • Passwords not stored in a browser by default
  • Wipes cookies and temporary data once the browser is closed
  • Security improvements over standard Chromium
  • Privacy-friendly defaults
  • A lot of Google dependent services disabled


  • Lack of updates
  • Glitchy extension support

Final Verdict

Iridium is backed by an innovative concept and genuine intent. However, it is still based on Google Chrome.

There are several other open source browsers which aren’t based on Google at all and are not dependent on Google’s decisions.

Another major pitfall comes with infrequency of Chromium updates which becomes a huge security liability.

Many other Chromium-based browsers regularly keep up with the updates, especially the ones related to security patches but Iridium isn’t one of them.

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