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A free software bundle that provides Java Runtime Environment along with the class libraries and components needed to run an array of Java programs and web content on their devices. It is layered on top of operating systems providing additional services that are specific to Java.

JRE provides the “knobs” needed to control and configure the characteristics of a Java application.

The JRE software includes,

  • Java class libraries
  • Java class loader
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

The Java Virtual Machine ensures that Java applications have all the resources they need to run and perform on a particular device.

The Java class loader is responsible for compiling Java codes into memory and connecting those codes to appropriate Java class libraries.

Two deployment technologies are also a part of the JRE software,

  • Java plug-in for web browsers
  • Java Web Start needed to deploy apps scripted in Java programming language over the internet.

The JRE bundle does not include the developmental tools that are needed to create Java programs.

JRE works as a series of software layers on top of the computer’s operating system. Each layer provides services that will be needed by the layer above it.

The JRE smoothes out any discrepancies between operating systems thus ensuring that Java applications are compatible with any operating system without any modifications. The software is compatible with Mac, Apple, Linux, Microsoft Windows devices operating on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Default memory allocation is one of JRE’s main features ensuring that programmers don’t have to allocate and reallocate memory manually.


  • Up-to-date Java libraries
  • Includes Java FX


  • Security issues

Final Verdict

Java Runtime Environment is an excellent program for both personal and professional usages. While the business version is paid, the price is worth its value because the software is created and released by Oracle, which means it is guaranteed to seamlessly function with written Java applications.

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