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MichaelAn essential programming language and computer platform required for the running of web applications

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Java is a class-based global computer-programming language published by Oracle, which offers multi-platform coding. It is widely popular, and thousands of well-known software run using Java code. It was originally released in 1995. The Java platform is written in the Java programming language, and was initially released on April 14, 1998. Since Java is a set of software and it provides a system for developing application software. It is used in a large variety of digital platforms.

Free Software

On November 13, 2006, the Java platform was released as free and open-source software. Except for some limited parts, the source code of the class library was published on May 8, 2007. The limited parts were not released because they are licensed from third parties who disliked the idea of releasing their code under free software.

Class Libraries

The class libraries of Java have three purposes. The first one is that they provide an abstract interface to tasks like file access and network access to help the operating system and hardware manage them better and easier. The second purpose of the class libraries is that when a significant platform does not support all of the features which a Java app expects, they handle the missing components. This action is done by either supporting a consistent way to check the presence of a specific feature or by emulation to supply a substitute. The third and final purpose is that they supply the programmer a well-known set of functions to execute everyday tasks like performing complex string parsing or keeping lists of items.


Using a sandbox environment, Java allows its users to run untrusted bytecode without putting their device’s or data’s integrity at risk. This feature restricts access to APIs and other features which could be exploited by malware to access communication networks, access the local filesystem or run arbitrary commands.

Desktop Use

Although Apple does not include a Java runtime with OS X, and Microsoft does not contain a JRE (Java Runtime Environment), there are many Java applications in fairly widespread desktop use: Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environments), NetBeans, and many other more.

Mobile Use

Competing with BREW, .NET Compact Framework, and Symbian, Java ME became very popular in mobile devices. Even Google’s Android OS uses the Java language, but since it does not use its classes too, the Android platform cannot be called a Java application.

Web Server Use

Because Java platform is the dominant platform for merging the Web with enterprise backend systems, people have access to many useful business processes, like airline booking system, online banking websites and so on.

Bottom Line

The Java platform helps our operating system and hardware to handle their job easier, making our PCs run faster and smoother. Besides that, it comes with a helpful security feature that will protect our data against malicious codes. It is an essential software, being a ‘must have’ for computer and phone users. In fact, it is so important that most devices already have Java built in.

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