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MichaelOne of the best distraction-free browsers which focuses on productivity

A review by Michael

K-Meleon browser is best suited for Windows users who want to get things done fast. It is free from plugins, add-ons and excess features which slow down the browsing experience.


  • Fully under user control
  • Extremely customizable
  • Lean and lightweight
  • Faster than Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer


  • Windows only compatibility
  • Stability issues
  • Extremely dated interface

As a speedy browser, K-Meleon consumes lower RAM even if dozens of tabs are open. In the middle of flashy advertisements and other pop-ups on a webpage, the browser still provides a silky smooth browsing experience.

The interface is simple and extensively customizable. There are several impressive features such as keyboard shortcut customization, pop-up blocker, themes, macros, session saves, and more.

The browser wins in terms of loading web pages. Web pages that are not compatible with Internet Explorer’s guidelines and get bogged down in Firefox get displayed perfectly in K-Meleon.

On the critical end, several features that are standard for other browsers aren’t implemented. There is no option to set default colors or edit type size. It has no add-ons and shoddy bookmark management.

The bookmark feature is extremely rudimentary, you can add bookmarks, organize or remove them but you cannot create folders or separators.

The browser doesn’t handle URLs well. It may not find web pages that other browsers can easily display. There is no clear distinction between visited and unvisited links. There is also a huge scope of improvement in the default download manager which has virtually no support for broken downloads.

Final Verdict

Once the bookmark management and URL bugs are fixed, K-Meleon has the potential to become your primary browser. Despite its advantages, K-Meleon is the ideal browser for those who want a super fast and uninterrupted browsing experience while utilizing minimal RAM and CPU on their PC.

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