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Kevin Li

The first game in the Rock Raiders series was a thrill to play!

A review by Kevin

LEGO Rock Raiders is a strategic real-time video game of the Rock Raiders series, belonging to the LEGO line, published in 1999 for Windows.

Game plot: all aboard the L.M.S. Explorer!

On board the impressive L.M.S excavation spaceship Explorer, the Rock Raiders are returning home after a long expedition to the extreme limits of the galaxy. Everything seems to be going well, until the ship accidentally runs into an asteroid field. The crew fights with all its strength to guide the ship through the storm of rocks, but the continuous bombardment against the keel rapidly reduces the integrity of its protections to a critical condition. Just when the Rock Raiders begin to think that the situation has reached the worst, the ship’s sensors detect an immense black hole in the center of the asteroid field; they are going to be sucked! With the ship running out of power and out of control, the crew can do nothing but accept their destiny and wait! Miraculously, the ship, seriously damaged and pushed by emergency thrusters, manages to emerge intact from the black hole.

Trapped on an alien planet?

The initial relief of the men on board, however, soon turns to consternation when they realize that the black hole has projected them to the other side of the universe, in the heart of a remote alien galaxy! Chief, the captain of the L.M.S. Explorer, decides to head for the nearest planet, hoping that the emergency engines will be able to hold out long enough to take the ship to its destination. Time is of extreme importance. If the Rock Raiders want to keep some chances to return home, they are forced to make emergency repairs and, above all, they must supply their ship with energy crystals. When the L.M.S. Explorer penetrates the orbit that surrounds the strange alien planet, a geological analysis reveals the presence of rich strands of energetic crystals under the surface of the planet: but can we trust the sensor? The only way to find out is to send the Rock Raiders to see for yourself!

25 missions guided by Chief

The game is divided into 25 missions; before each mission Chief, the commander of the L.M.S. Explorer, describes the objective of the mission, which generally consists of collecting a certain number of energy crystals, and warns of the main dangers that can be encountered during the mission. Sometimes during the mission, Chief appears again to give advice to the player, and also appears at the end to give a vote, expressed as a percentage, relative to the degree of completion of the mission; in fact achieving the objectives described at the beginning of the game is not enough to get the 100% vote. All missions of the game take place in the caverns of the alien planet (the L.M.S. Explorer can only be seen in movies because no mission is set inside it). In each mission you can command different Rock Raiders, except in particular situations where the player himself decides how many Rock Raiders to use: if he wants other Rock Raiders can teleport them from the L.M.S. Explorer to the planet, whereas if he wants to reduce the number of Rock Raiders he can teleport them from the planet to the L.M.S. Explorer. Dall’L.M.S. Explorer does not only teleport Rock Raiders but also buildings and vehicles.

Fight monsters of all types

During the missions the Rock Raiders drill the walls of the cave to find energy and mineral crystals that are used for the construction of buildings and vehicles. In many missions there are monsters, which feed on energy crystals, so in these missions you must arm the Rock Raiders to repel monster attacks. Monsters are not the only threat to the Rock Raiders: landslides, lava and other underground creatures can make the mission very risky. As if that were not enough, in many missions the oxygen in the air is present in limited quantities and, breathing, the Rock Raiders consume it; in such missions care must be taken that the oxygen does not run out completely, otherwise the mission fails. Each energy crystal can be found behind some rocks or by digging against a vein, and can be stored in a tool shed or in a power plant, but it also has limited energy. When this energy runs out, it turns purple and is taken to the Tool Depot to be recharged near a refill vein (if any). Minerals, on the other hand, are resemble small brown spheres, which can however be taken to the Refinery. 5 units of minerals turn into a building block, which is capable of reducing construction times due to the lower quantities of minerals to be brought to the site. This is an early form of crafting which reminded me a lot of modern crafting games, such as Minecraft.

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