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An well-designed arena game which broke the rules of MOBA

A review by James

Master X Master is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena action video game developed and published by NCSoft—also called Studio MXM for this project—for the Microsoft Windows platform, and was released on this platform on June 21, 2017. The closed beta version of the game was released on April 6, 2017, and ran for 20 days i.e. up to April 27, 2017, with periodic patches and feedback before the full version of it was released.

Playing two characters in a single round?

Unlike other games, players can assume the role of two of these Masters into a single match, using a unique in-game feature called the “TAG system”. Using this function, players can swap between two characters while in combat. This can be especially useful when the Master in use is running out of health, during which the second Master can be swapped in his place with his own attributes and stats while the former Master slowly regains his health back. However, both Masters “die” if any one of their health drops to zero.

A beautiful setting with well-designed characters

The game takes place in a science fiction setting with beautifully crafted artistic maps and backgrounds. Players assume the role of more than 35+ characters known as “Masters” each with their own unique weapons and abilities. All Masters also possess completely different looks—from a child (Arami) to an “emo” machine-gunner (Poharan). Each character has different base attributes that the player can see to pick according to their play-styles. Players take ‘third-person shooter’ view of these characters.

Stages, Titan Ruins and Mini Games

As of June 2017, there were three main game modes available in Master X Master:

  1. The first of these game modes—and perhaps the most popular—is the “Stages” mode, and in this mode, players play in the standard MOBA format. This is a PvP game mode, and inside it is two sub-modes. The first sub-mode is the “Combat Arena” mode where 3 players team up and fight against 3 opponent players in a random map. This mode has a 5-minute time limit. Killing each enemy Master grants the team one point, and the team with the highest number of players at the end of the game wins the match.
  2. The other mode is called “Titan Ruins” mode, and this is a similar 5v5 mode where players are tasked not with gaining most points but destroying the “Titan Core”—an object present at both team bases, which are at the two ends of the map. The first team to destroy it wins. However, the game can also be won if a team reaches 1000 points before any Titan Core has been destroyed, or if the match reaches the 30-minute mark, upon which the team with the most points becomes the victor.
  3. The two additional modes of gameplay are: “Stages” mode which is a Player V Environment (PvE) mode and can be completed with friends as Co-Op. The final game mode is called “Mini Games” mode, and like the title suggests, in this game mode players are to form a team and battle with other live players, but there’s a twist: they won’t be using their weapons or abilities. Instead, this mode is won by running, jumping and evading in the most skillful way possible!

TL;DR Master X Master is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena action video game developed and published by NCSoft.

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4/51 rating
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10