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MichaelThe 2010 release of Microsoft’s versatile presentation program

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Whether you are a student, teacher, employee or even a CEO, Microsoft Powerpoint is your ultimate tool to create engaging and interesting presentations for audiences of all ages and sizes. Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 is compatible with moST Windows systems and will enable you to design unique presentations to display numbers, charts, words and data to your clients. The unique features of powerpoint are:

An engaging user interface

Microsoft Powerpoint is known for having a really well designed interface which allows for a productive workflow. Users can create a new slide with the click of a button, as well as duplicate existing slides and edit them. The menu system in Powerpoint 2010 is effective in terms of simplifying user options and allowing you to rapidly choose your menu option.

All new templates

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 introduced a number of well designed templates, allowing you to create professional looking presentation in less time than ever. You can choose from the templates provided ensuite with the application, or download user-submitted templates online. You can also create your own templates and share them with other users around the world.

Share files and documents

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 is internet-powered and allows you to share your presentations online with other Powerpoint users across the world. This removes the need to use a USB device to transfer your documents from one place to another, as you can simply share your presentations online. This also presents a great backup tool for all of your documents.

Play media

Unlike previous versions of Powerpoint, Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 introduces features allowing you to play music, audio files as well as video files within your presentation. This will allow your presentation to be more dynamic than ever, as well keep your audience engaged as your presentations will no longer be boring blocks of text.

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