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MichaelAn essential IDE for the “C” programming languages

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Microsoft Visual C ++, sometimes simply called “VCR”, is an IDE (integrated development environment) developed by Microsoft as a platform for designing software using the C and C++ programming languages. Visual C ++ incorporates certain tools for developing, troubleshooting and recomiling C++ software, programmes and applications. Essentially, it is a library which is required to be present to allow certain applications (which are built on C++ languages) to run on your Windows device.

History of Microsoft Visual C++

Visual C++ began as a “software” or “tool” known as Microsoft C / C ++. However, even priot to that, there existed earlier versions of Microsoft Visual C++, such as Microsoft QuickC which was used in early Windows 1.0 operating systems. In its more contemporary usage, Microsoft Visual C++ plays an important role in the running many of today’s software, games and applications.

The different versions of Microsoft Visual C++

If you’re using a Windows computer, chances are you have one or more Visual C++ versions installed – in fact, if you go into your control panel’s list of installed programs, you are very likely to see multiple versions of Microsoft Visual C++ listed there. Unfortunately, Microsoft has caused many issues with their multiple releases of Microsoft Visual C++ (a new release around every 2 years) which has led to multiple errors when users attempt to download or install software. These errors are usually in the form of “msvcp100.dll” files missing, and the number follow “msvcp” will depend on the version of Microsoft Visual C++ required. This is why we have listed a free-to-use “all-in-on” Microsoft Visual C++ installer which will allow you to install all versions of the software at once.

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