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A review by Nicole

Minecraft is an open-world, sandbox video game developed by Swedish Markus Persson, aka Notch, and then by the Mojang development studio. This video game immerses the player in a universe generated randomly and composed of blocks. The game incorporates a crafting system focused on the exploitation of natural resources (mineralsl, fossils, animals and plant), and the transformation of these materials into tools and furniture.

Everything is a block

The game immerses the player in a dynamically created world made up of blocks (cubes) representing different materials such as earth, sand, stone, water, lava or minerals (such as iron, gold, coal, etc.) forming various structures (e.g. trees, caves, mountains, temples) and animals or monsters such as cows, sheep, zombies and skeletons. The player can modify this world at will by adding or removing blocks Technically, the game is a survival game and the player must try to survive as long as possible while building great buildings. The game is very similar to earlier LEGO games, such as LEGO Rock Raiders.

Your Minecraft avatar

The player is represented by a character, of humanoid form without a predefined sex. You character’s name will be the username asked during the purchase of the game. The character’s appearance can be personalized on the official site, but it has by default an appearance of a figure named Steve, having a blue jeans and a turquoise jacket, or named Alex, who has brown jeans, a green jacket, and long red hair. The default view of the player is in the first person, which he can change to second and third-person in the options menu. The player has a life gauge of twenty health points, as well as a gauge for food which represents hunger. If the player’s life bar reaches 0, the player resurrects at his starting location on the map next to the last bed in which he slept.

Combat and inventory

Just like humans, your Minecraft character has a right hand and a left hand – but only the hand of preference can perform combat, break or set blocks. Each player has an inventory of 27 boxes, each of which can contain up to 64 objects of the same type (a stack), as well as a 9-slot quick access bar (the quick inventory), and a box for the second hand. In the player’s inventory, he can also make small objects using crafting grids of 2 squares out of two.

Does it ever end?

Although the game never ends properly, it does have a sort of end (which many people are actually shocked about). It is a long dialogue between two Endermen that appears when the player has killed the Ender Dragon, a boss living in the world of the End and is reserved for experienced players because of its difficulty and the fact that the End is accessible only after many prerequisites. After this scene, the player reappears on the surface and can continue to play. It is also possible to “finish” Minecraft by collecting all the trophies or by collecting a copy of each subject or object of the game, for example, according to the imagination and the patience of the player.

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