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What is MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

Have you ever lost a file by accidentally deleting it and cleaning up the empty recycle bin too?  Have you faced situations when working on a crucial PowerPoint presentation and the system crashes without reason? You reboot to find the system gives only your last saved file. For those who cherish life’s beautiful, fun-filled moments in pictures, losing them is nothing less than being swung an upper cut jaw.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is here to rescue your data for files deleted by human error or systems crashes.

What does MiniTool Power Data Recovery do?

MiniTool Power Data Recovery scans your system deeply to find the deleted files and data loss due to system crashes. It does not leave any leaf unturned to ensure that you get your data back. MiniTool Power Data Recovery supports more than a hundred types of file formats to ensure that your memories aren’t lost in .jpeg/.png or other formats.  It saves all your MS-Office files, be it word, excel or power-point or visual basic. All your work done over endless sleepless nights is safe, thanks to MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It supports music and audio files in any format, be it .mp3 or .mp4, or others.

It searches all File Allocation Tables (FAT) to check for lost data from a particular folder or destination. You don’t have to look blankly at the screen buzzing through endless searches, praying to the Lord for saving your work.  With the Quick Search feature, specific locations are quickly searchable, saving you time to recover the lost file.

Why do I need MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

They say you don’t realize the value of something unless you don’t have it. Now in the first instance, a regular user would say I don’t need this. However, when you have a system crash or files lost, you start searching for ways to recover your data. Now download this free edition of Power Data Recovery software and be free of all worries. No more panicking and running around to look up Yellow Pages for a service provider to recover your data. The MiniTool power data recovery software is available for all systems like HDD, SDD, SD Cards, Android devices, USB Drives, or any storage device. It searches up to seventy different file types.The Superior File preview feature gives you peace of mind by showing you a file preview before you decide to restore it.  In summary, the MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the modern genie of software recovery at work to please its master, you!

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