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Nox App Player is an Android emulator for the Microsoft Windows operating system dedicated to bring the best experience for users. If you are tired of charging your phone too many times a day because your games are eating the phone’s battery, or if you simply want a better gaming experience, Nox App Player is the answer.

What makes Nox App Player unique?

It’s free!

Nox App Player is one of the few great Android emulators that it is completely out of charge. It allows users to use all of its features for free, unlike other emulators.


Nox App Player supports any GPS-based game. This is an excellent feature because it allows users to play games like Ingress or Pokemon Go without facing any issues. Users are able to emulate “walking” and change speed using the keyboard.

Windows 10 compatible

While a lot of Android emulators do not support Windows 10, Nox App Player runs smoothly on operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10. According to its developer, Nox App Player will never crash or freeze even on the latest Windows operating systems.


This emulator is compatible with all Android apps, giving users better experience and performance especially when playing games like PUBG Mobile. As its developers say “The response speed of Nox android emulator is really fast and very stable. Nox App Player is very quick and the emulator never freezes”.


Nox App Player comes with a built-in audio and video recorder. With this feature, it is easier for gamers to make gameplay videos or tutorials.

Google Play Store

Users can connect to both the Google Play Store and Browser within the emulator. This saves users time, by allowing them to directly have access to their favorite apps games.

Installed Apps

Nox App Player comes with three useful and already installed apps: Facebook Lite, File Manager, and Camera. They are displayed on the main window of the emulator, giving users fast access to them.


Nox App Player is one of the greatest Android emulators due to its compatibility with different operating systems and apps. Our review while using the software are that it runs fast without lagging or freezing. It is the perfect emulator for both beginner and professional gamers.

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