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MichaelAn open-source software for live streaming and screen-recording

A review by Michael

OBS studio, a community-built open source software suite, is made for recording and live streaming to various platforms. Loaded with functions like broadcasts, encoding, and real-time source and device capture, OBS is an essential tool for anyone that plans to work with videos in a live setting. It supports live streaming to YouTube and Twitch.tv among others.

OBS studio is capable of encoding videos into H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and even H.265/HEVC formats, both of whose uses have increased significantly as popular video encodes. For audio, OBS Studio is capable of encoding audio files into the MP3 and AAC formats, which are similarly ubiquitous in use. Users looking for more advanced features can use any codecs available in libavcodec or libavformat or can instantaneously play the stream on a ffmpeg URL of their choice.

The user interface is made primarily of five sections: scenes, sources, audio mixer, transitions, and control. Scenes are where sources are drawn from and edited together. Audio can be removed or edited via the audio mixer. Similarly, transitions and controls allow the user to apply filters and effects to the scenes. An option allows users to switch to a Studio Mode, and for customizer visibility, Dark and Light themes are available. The presently running scene (the live stream being recorded and/or broadcasted) can be viewed through the live video preview.

Being a community-run software, a multitude of plug-ins are available and supported by OBS Studio. Native code DLL files can be loaded to activate the plug-ins, but a wrapper plug-in gives users the additional functionality of being able to load plug-ins that are written in .NET Framework.

TL;DR Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.

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