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MichaelAn “all-in-one” emulator which can play games from numerous platforms

A review by Michael

OpenEmu is an emulator designed for macOS. It was released on December 23, 2013, as an open-source which allows developers to add new cores to the base system. Using this emulator, gamers now have the opportunity to play games that were coriginally reated for Game Boy, Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, and many other consoles, on Mac computers. macOS is an operating system developed by Apple. It was initially released on March 24, 2001, being the second most used desktop OS around the world, after Windows. The mastermind behind this operating system is Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple company. Bearing this in mind, it was important to develop working emulators for Mac operating systems. These are the main features of OpenEmu:


Due to the work of other open-source projects and the fact that OpenEmu is modular, this software can emulate a large variety of game systems (called “cores”).


One feature that makes OpenEmu stand out from its competitors is its library. It organizes all the user’s games into one unified and unique library. Besides games, this feature organizes the game backups too by adding them to their appropriate library. More than that, users are able to create their own collections mix from different consoles.

Controls and Controllers

OpenEmu automatically syncs your controllers which are connected either via USB or Bluetooth. More than that, it maps controls for most games which is usually quite a difficult aspect of using emulators.

Automatic and Quick Saves

OpenEmu automatically saves the progress of a game while users play it. Due to this feature, users can pick up from where they left the game without worrying if they saved their progress or not. Besides automatic saves, the emulator offers its users the opportunity to create quick saves too. Doing so, they can load from a quick save anytime.


Besides windowed mode, this emulator allows gamers to play their favorite games in a full-screen mode, creating more comfort.


With the help of Open Graphics Library (OpenGL), OpenEmu offers 3D images and effects, making its users enter even further into the game’s world.


OpenEmu is an excellent emulator which lets its users explore console games on a variety of platforms on their Mac computers/laptops. The 3D feature is a great functionality which makes this software standout even more. It’s truly one of the best console and handheld device emulator for Mac.

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