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Panzar offers a fresh outlook on MOBA games

A review by James

Panzar is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) action third person shooter video game developed and published by Panzar Studio for the Microsoft Windows platform, and was originally released on this platform on April 12, 2013. Panzar utilizes the CryEngine 3 game engine, and is an expansive game thanks to the multiple updates and patches released regularly by the studio.

Choose a hero from 8 categories

In Panzar, players assume the role of one of the character grouped into 8 categories: Berserker, Tank, Sapper, Gunner, Paladin, Inquisitor, Sister of Fire, and Ice Witch. Each of these characters possesses skills and weapons unique to them, and players have to master their abilities and defeat the game using strategies and teamwork. Winning a game or match from any of the game modes will provide players with experience and currency, which can then be used to buy and upgrade weapons and abilities for your Heroes. The amount of experience points collected also denotes your player ranking/level in the game.

Game modes


Panzar offers players with seven varied and distinct game modes. The first of these modes is the “Domination” mode, a mode in which players comprising two teams are placed at equal ends of the map as starting point. At the center of the map is a control point, and the objective of the game is to earn 500 progressive points as fast as possible, which can be done by holding the point and not letting enemy troops get inside it. The team to score 500 progression points first is declared the winner.

King of the Hill

The second game mode is called “King of the Hill” and is very similar to Domination mode, however in this mode, the key differences are that the first team to capture the center point gets the role of Defender and the opposing team gets the role of Attacker, with the Defenders spawning closer to the center point each time they are killed. The teams swap roles if the Attackers are successful at clearing the center point and taking it for themselves.


“Siege” mode is also very similar to King of the Hill, but instead in this mode there are multiple control points instead of one, and the teams have to go after them one by one. A team wins if they manage to take all the control points and the progression points.


Perhaps a new addition to the genre is the “Rugby” mode, and it resembles the actual sport very closely. At around the center of the map, a special ball or a fallen meteorite resides, which the players have to carry back to the enemy team’s “goalpost”—which is a dragon-shaped statue. The team gets one point when they do so, and scoring three points results in victory. Similarly creative is the “Convoy” mode in which players in a team have to escort items (like a train) to its destination while the enemy teams try to stop that. The last and final game mode is the “Mechanism” mode, and it is also similar to the “Domination” mode, but more complex like the King of the Hill and Siege modes.

Panzar provides some creative and fresh takes from the usual kill and repeat formula of most games of this generation, and for this reason it is highly revered in the MOBA community, which has kept it going strong to this day.

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