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Kevin Li

Transported to a parallel universe, you must play as one of three diverse tribes

A review by Kevin

ParaWorld is a real-time strategy game made by the German development studio SEK and edited by Sunflowers. As its name suggests, ParaWorld takes the player to discover parallel universes populated by barbarian tribes and dinosaurs. In ParaWorld, three young scientists find themselves trapped in a parallel universe.

Three characters transported to a strange parallel world

These are the three main characters in the Paraworld screenplay: Stina Holmlund (a botanist), Anthony Cole (a geologist) and Béla Andréas Benedek (physicist). They must then show courage and ingenuity to survive in a hostile universe, populated by dinosaurs. In fact, it seems that these three heroes have been transported to a parallel world, where their qualifications are of no use to them. Indeed, in this parallel world, there is no electricity, the stars are not in the same place, the geological strata are mixed, and especially the dinosaurs have not disappeared, they would have even been transported in our world. Our three heroes will have to fight against SEAS and its leader Jarvis Babbit. SEAS is an organization of scientific alternative studies. They have succeeded in producing steam-powered machines, and Babbit’s sole objective is to create a huge cataclysm with a volcano and a machine that, once activated, will allow Paraworld to be diverted from its orbit. and thus prevent anyone from returning to Earth or going to Paraworld. Babbit wants to become the master of Paraworld forever, and the three heroes of the game have to stop him.

Playable tribes

There are three playable tribes in Paraworld, each oriented towards an existing culture in our world:

Men of the North

Similar to the Vikings, they are a sedentary people. They use heavy and powerful heavy defenses, and have combat units favoring melee combat. Mammoths, an overpowering animal melee unit, are a key part of their arsenal. Ideal for defense-oriented players, and direct clashes.

Riders of the desert

African nomads, the only ones having a mobile city center, that are specialized in animal units, such as allosaurus and T-Rex. They have very fast and versatile units, formidable in both melee and distance. Brachiosaurs can be a powerful melee unit, a formidable melee carrier, a heavy artillery unit, or a remotely effective mobile fortress capable of producing infantry. Ideal for attack-oriented players, and quick attack tactics.

The dragon clan

An Asian culture, they specialize in inventions, traps, and camouflage. They have structures and units that favor remote combat and ambushes. Ninjas, melee and ranged combat units, can be used to disguise themselves to infiltrate enemy bases and open the gates of enemy fortifications. Ideal for guerrilla strategy players, focused on balancing direct and indirect clashes.

Sunflowers, Deep Silver, SEK
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3.5/52 ratings
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