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Prime World is a unique mix between a MOBA and an MMORPG

A review by James

Prime World is a hybrid game that combines Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (RPG) elements with Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) designs. Prime World was developed and published by Nival studios, who were also the creators behind titles like Heroes of Might and Magic. Prime World was released for the Microsoft Windows and MacOS platforms originally on 28 March, 2014, with multiple updates and changes to the game following soon after.

Dokht Imperium vs. Keepers of Adornia

Prime World is set in a universe where two nations are in battle with each other. The two nations—called the Dokht Imperium and Keepers of Adornia—are fighting over a mysterious alien substance called Prime, an object that gives supernatural and magical powers to its user. Players are given their own castle at the start of the game, and they have to choose to fight for either of the nations. There 45+ “Heroes” available in the game and each nation has equal numbers of both. However all Heroes in one nation have the same powers and play mechanics as those in the other nation except their aesthetical look, so players don’t miss much by playing for either side. Players use their Heroes and raise armies to attack bases and conquer lands, and can also form alliances with other bases. Players search bases of live players, and attaining victory from them will provide the Hero with experience, and collect enough of them will allow the player to unlock or upgrade the Hero’s abilities and stats. Using loot from the attacks they build their bases, adding resource buildings like mining facilities to decorative structures like statues.

PvP modes

In Prime World, players are offered 5 PvP game modes.


The first one is called the “Borderland” mode and is the game’s standard mode, in which players are positioned at two ends of a three-lane map and their objective is to destroy the enemy’s bases. Both sides of the bases are heavily guarded with turrets that aim on sight, and players have to utilize strategic thinking and approach to get to the player’s base, all the while defending their own base from enemy Heroes.


The second game mode is called “Dragonwald” which is similar to Borderland but has more environmental interaction.


The third game mode is called “Outpost”, and in this mode there is only a single lane available connecting the bases so all the troops have to go all-out in a single focused combat experience.

Homeland and Apocalypse

The other two game modes are “Homeland” in which players have to go defensive, and “Apocalypse” in which the map is full of zombies of various types.

Player vs Environment game modes

Aside from the PvP game modes, Prime World also has two PvE modes: a campaign mode with a storyline, and a “Challenges” mode, in which players join up with friends to clear challenges pre-made by the game. Prime World is a unique blend of MMORPG and MOBA with heavy elements of both, and it utilizes them masterfully. The game has received updates, patches and bug fixes since its release, and continues to do so. No sequels or prequels to the game have been announced.

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