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Kevin Li

In a futuristic, mystical world, play as one of three factions

A review by Kevin

Rise of Legends is a real-time 3D graphics strategy game released in 2006, developed by Big Huge Games and published by Microsoft. It is the sequel to the video game of the same title: Rise of Nations. It takes place in a science-fiction universe, combining futuristic and fantasy technologies.

What’s new in Rise of Legends

Rise of Legends has gameplay quite similar to that of Rise of Nations, with national boundary concepts, building-oriented developments, and a similar resource management system; however, this new expansion moves away from its predecessor on many points, often in the sense of simplification: thus, there are only three resources left (the Timonium, a blue crystal, and gold or silver). energy), the concept of age is removed, as all civilizations are in a futuristic age, and the number of buildings per nation is reduced. Additionally, the number of factions are reduced: there are three factions in the game, the Vinci, the Alin and the Cuotl.

A weird technological fight in Aio

The game takes place on a fictional planet, Aio, in a sci-fi universe, combining futuristic technologies (chronohommes, robots, for the Vinci nation for example), a fantasy style (sand dragons for the Alins for example). ) and a style reminiscent of the bestiary of Amerindian civilizations, such as the Mayans, mixed with extraterrestrial technology (Solar Idol, a sort of giant statue of a jaguar man animated by a mystical energy, for the Cuotls for example).

An all-new campaign

The game campaign follows the adventures of Giacomo, a young and brilliant Vinci inventor from Miana, the easternmost of the city-states who split during the separation of the old Vinci empire that occupied the most western lands of the continent . One day, during a trip to study a mysterious artifact discovered in a mine of Miana, Giacomo and his brother, the lord Petruzzo de Miana, are attacked by the Doge Alessadri of Venucci, the dictator of the most western city-state. Vinci lands. The Doge, who seized the artifact, then fled to Venucci while Giacomo decides to pursue him, drunk with revenge by the death of his elder brother. Accompanied by Carlini, an old Petruzzo veteran who has known Giacomo since his childhood, as well as Lenora, a pirate captain. From the green lands of Vinci to the great central desert where the Alins live to the dark jungles of the east of the continent and home to the Cuotl civilization, Giacomo’s quest could lead him to do more than accomplish a simple revenge.

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