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MichaelSalamWeb is a chromium-based web browser made specifically for Muslim audiences

A review by Michael

SalamWeb is a new Chromium-based web browser developed by a Dubai company to deliver an Islam-friendly experience that takes care of the values and traditions Muslims follow.


  • Multiple languages
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Chromium-based
  • Support for extensions
  • Built-in filters to curate content
  • Variety of widgets


  • Vulnerable to threats
  • Very small group of targeted users

Developed for multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS, SalamWeb is specifically designed to cater to the Muslim audience and is the primary component of the digital ecosystem made for Muslims which also includes Salam Today magazine and web apps. The browser also supports multiple languages like Urdu, English, Bahasa, Bengali, Turkish, and Arabic.

SalamWeb aims to create an Islam-compliant digital ecosystem using SalamWebProtect, a three-layer system that filters out products, services, and content offensive to Muslims and potentially harmful to children. This system consists of AI image recognition, built-in filters, and a community-based vetting process where users can flag inappropriate content.

The web browser is based on the Chromium open-source project and resembles Chrome to a great extent. It also uses the browser extensions available for Google Chrome. The application embeds widgets to help users practice faith while staying on top of technology. Some of the most impressive of these widgets are Prayer Times, Praying Direction Compass, Mosques Near Me, and Daily Quotes among others.

Final Verdict

SalamWeb is an innovative web browser that caters to Muslim audiences who want their internet browsing experience to comply with Islamic beliefs. It is available for desktop as well as mobile devices to offer all the standard browser features while limiting any harmful or offensive content.

This browser is developed keeping Islamic values in focus and all its features are created to be compliant with the faith. It is an excellent browser for Muslims as well as those users who want to avoid inappropriate content on the internet.

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