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A review by Michael

Snapseed is a high-functionality application used to edit images, be it selfies or landscape, on your computer. Snapseed is supported by Google’s technology board, after acquiring Snapseed from Nik Software. It offers specific tools for editing images in a much simpler, and user-friendly way than what a software such as Photoshop would allow you to do. Artist’s and laybacks alike commonly use Snapseed to create and edit images of all types – however you should not that whereas Snapseed can retouch images, it cannot be used to create art or images from scratch (i.e. it is not a painting canvas) and was not made for this purpose.

The main features of Snapseed

Using Snapseed, you can select any image on your phone or computer and add it to the “Snapseed” library. From there, you will be taken to a tab where you can alter features of the image such as hue or saturation. The second tab you should be looking at is called the Tools tab, where many editing options will be available which will remind you of the tools used in software such as photoshop. Other important sections of Snapseed include the “Curves” tab, which allows the user to adjust the brightness of their image accordingly, as well as the Perspective tab, which allows you to change the angles and size of your image. It also allows you to crop your image to any size which you find appropriate.

Why you should use Snapseed

In our world, digital media has come to the forefront of everyday life. Everyone does photography – whether we like it or not. It is essential that we are able to create images which look professional and impress our viewers. This is why Snapseed is such an effective and popular application. In terms of functionality, it is a good programme for those familiar with using it on iOS or Android. However if you want a powerful image editor, then you can’t find anything better than good old Adobe Photoshop.

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