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Kevin Li

Play as the new Zann Consortium and conquer the galaxy!

A review by Kevin

Star Wars: Empire at War – Forces of Corruption is an expansion to the real-time strategy video game ” Star Wars: Empire at War, developed by Petroglyph Games and published by LucasArts on October 24, 2006 on PC. The main change is a new faction being added, called “Zann Consortium”, raising the number of playeable factions to three.

A new campaign

The campaign mode, which begins shortly before A new hope, traces the rise of Tyber Zann in power. Following a betrayal by Jabba the Hutt (about a Sith artifact), Zann finds himself locked in Kessel. But Urai Fen, Tyber’s bodyguard, is approaching the prison world aboard the ship he has acquired, Millennium Falcon, piloted by Han Solo. After Tyber’s escape, he takes care of the artifact. But to reveal its secrets, you need encryption keys. And they are in secret warehouses of the Emperor. The destruction of the Black Star has allowed Zann to find several databases. One of them contains encryption keys, and another speaks of the Emperor’s new ship, the Eclipse (which is quite the impressive spaceship considering it is 17.5 km long, has super-laser technologies and an all-black hull). But, before seizing it, Zann must perfect his strategies: technology theft, appropriation of a factory of droidekas abandoned after the war of the clones, and targetted assassinations.

LucasArts, Petroglyph
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