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Steam is an online gaming, communication and contect distribution platform created by Valve corporation on September 12, 2003. content distribution, rights management and communication platform developed by Valve and available since September 12, 2003.

Main Features

The Steam Platform is mostly focused on managing the digital rights of games, where it allows users to buy games, additional gaming content (such as DLCs) and game updates all served within the Steam system. The platform also manages the multiplayer mode and matchmaking of thousands of games, including some of the world’s most popular games such as Dota 2. The Steam platform also offer a number of community tools which enables players to discuss games and share achievements. Since October 2012, a service was launched within the Steam frameword which s devoted to software rather than games. The Steam platform, in general, has been immensely successful – it had a userbase of more than 125 million in February 2015, and as of March 2017, had more than 14,000 games added to its the database.

History of Steam

Steam was introduced in March 2002 as a system for simplifying content delivery. Player’s would update their games using Steam to deliver the updates. Steam was also used to replace the Half-Life multiplayer system, WON, to ensure Valve’s independence from its then-publisher, Sierra. The Steam client was launched in its final (and original) version in September 12, 2003. As soon as it was launched, the client experienced severe server overload due to the influx of players trying to update to the latest version of Counter-Strike.

Which platforms can you run Steam on?

For end-users, Steam comes in the form of software which must be downloaded and install on your computer, on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X or GNU / Linux. Steam, in a more limited version, is also available on iOS and Android since January 2012. These applications allow users to log in to their account, access the online store, communicate with their friends and, of course, launch games installed via Steam.

Do you need to have internet to run Steam games?

All users must make an account in order to download Steam games or access other Steam features. Games which are downloaded in Steam can be launched via a destop shortcut, however this will launch Steam if it is not already launched in order to open the game. related to Steam can also be launched by a dedicated shortcut, but this has the effect of launching Steam if it is not already the case. When the user first launches a game, or with certain games, every time you launch or play the game, a certain amount of information is given to the Steam servers. As a result, an internet connection is required to play these games. However for many games, after the initial activation, no internet connection is required to continue playing the game(s).


Steamworks is a set of programming interfaces for developers who want to integrate Steam features, such as achievements, multiplayer server search, anti-cheat systems, digital rights management system, Steam Cloud or content. It allows third-party developers to integrate a game with Steam and saves them from having to recreate all of these features. Most games that use Steamworks are sold on Steam, but not all games sold on Steam use Steamworks and can integrate their own digital rights management system or competing tools such as Games for Windows Live. Steamworks has been adopted by a large number of developers, such as Infinity Ward, The Creative Assembly, etc. Epic Games has even integrated it into the development tools of its Unreal Engine.

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