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Kevin Li

Build and defend a fortified Stronghold!

A review by Kevin

Stronghold 2 is a strategy and management video game released in 2005 and running on Windows. The game was developed by Firefly Studios and published by 2K Games. Stronghold 2 offers more content than its predecessors Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader. For example, an all-new recruiting center for mercenaries, a popularity system that is closely related to the activities of the lord and the castle, a more elaborate system of punishment to criminals, new forms of raw materials and new recruitable troops, as well as  as new siege weapons.

Stronghold II Game Modes

Stronghold 2 offers the player two main game modes: the way of peace or war. These two modes give the player entirely different gameplay styles. Those wishing to follow the path of peace will have to concentrate on the construction and management of their castle, ensuring the happiness of the occupants of the castle, good harvest of the various resources etc. The path of war focuses more on the management and establishment of an army, in order to fight the opposing forces and destroy opposing strongholds. These two game systems can be played through two campaigns offered by the game. Beyond these two modes, there also exists a battle mode, where we play either the attackers or defenders of the stronghold. As in many strategy games, especially those released at the time, a level editor is available, allowing you to create playeable worlds. The Steam update of Stronghold 2 also allows the sharing of maps and stronholds via the workshop.

Problems remain with the AI

Unfortunately, Stronghold is plagued by a less-than-ideal AI system. Bad AI affects both your own units and units of your opponents, for example pathfinding issues where the AI will not move in a normal direction. Additionally, siege battles are often very unbalanced, giving one side an unfair advantage and making it impossible for the opposing side to either attack or defend.

Firefly Studios, 2K Games
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