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Kevin Li

A unique strategy game telling the story of the fall of the Han Dynasty

A review by Kevin

Three Kingdoms: The Fate of the Dragon is a real-time strategy game inspired by real historical facts (recounted by Chen Shou in his Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms), developed by Overmax Studios and Object Software, two companies based in Beijing, China. The game was published by in Europe by the English publisher Eidos Interactive. The story is set in the year 184, when the glorious Han Dynasty begins its decline. From then until 220, the Empire will lose its splendor, and will then divide into three distinct empires. For more details, see the article about the Three Kingdoms epoch.

Your villagers become your army

The developers have introduced into the game many innovative strategy elements to give extra appeal to the game. For example, citizens, in addition to the usual tasks of collecting resources (there are seven in the game: wood and iron; and wheat, which are used to create food, as well as gold, generated through taxation) or construction of buildings, are used directly to create military units: they are sent to the barracks and at the end of their training become either an archer, swordsman or pikeman, or enlist in the elite troops category. They are also used in headquarters workshops or in stables to respectively create siege instruments or horses.

Military aspects of Fate of the Dragon

The soldiers, divided into three major classes: archers, pikemen and swordsmen, each have their own abilities but they can all ride horses with the click of a mouse. Thus, the player does not create a cavalry unit directly but must summon mounts in the stable. Siege weapons in the game are quite varied: in addition to the traditional catapult, it is possible to pass the soldiers across the walls circling each city. This is done by means of ladders or by flying instruments similar to paragliders! There are also naval units, but these do not play such a crucial role in Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon.

Eidos Interactive, Overmax Studios, Object Software Limited
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