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MichaelQuickly view or change your IP with the click of a button

A review by Michael

Ultimate IP Changer is an impressive, lite-wight networking suite which allows users to switch their IP address as well as create multiple profiles tailored for different networks. These profiles can be TCP/IP profiles and be renamed and customized as the user wishes.

The main features of Ultimate IP Changer

  • Able to check what your current IP address is
  • Switch your IP address to any chosen IP on a list
  • Create and switch between different TCP/IP profiles
  • Works with both wired connections and WiFi
  • Compativle with most version of Windows
  • Increase your privacy by switching up your IP
  • Change IP without having to restart your computer

Be careful during installation

Ultimate IP Changer’s setup is known to bundle in additional software during the installation options (unwanted software) so please make sure you uncheck any of the software “offers” which it might ask you to install. However, once you have installed Ultimate IP Changer, the user will be faced with a clean, minimal UI which should get you started using the software within only a few minutes.

An unlimited amount of TCP/IP profiles

If having to recustomize your IP settings every time you needed it changed was troublesome using whichever software you’re using now, Ultimate IP Changer will help you get rid of this headache with their unlimited profiles feature. You can now create individual profiles customized by name, DNS/WINS address, subnet mask, default gatware, as well as an optional proxy server.

A well optimized software

Ultimate IP Changer is the definition of well-optimized software. While setting it up, it barely used up 0.1% of my CPU – with minimal memory usage, no matter what I do with Ultimate IP Changer or how fast you change IP profiles, it puts no strain on your computer. To further reinforce how light it is, it also opens up extremely quickly (less than 1 second) and changing IP profiles is quick as well.

Always in your system tray

Ultimate IP Changer is extremely light and minimal. When you first install the software, it will immediately load up in your system-tray, in a refreshing, non-intrusive manner which is not seen in many softwares today. By right clicking the system tray icon of Ultimate IP Changer, a menu will apear which will allow you to set up specific software options, such as always starting the software at startup, or always keeping Ultimate IP Changer on top of other Windows.

User rating
5/51 rating
Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10