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MichaelThe greatest BitTorrent client?

A review by Michael

uTorrent (μTorrent) is a user-friendly, lightweight BitTorrent client which allows peer-to-peer (P2P) file exchange, encryption, auto-downloading, bandwidth prioritization, and numerous other features. uTorrent stands among the popular BitTorrent clients, with a global user base of 150 million users. This puts it only behind China’s torrent client Xunlei. The entirety of the program is written in C++ language. Several standard torrent download features are available on uTorrent. Since its original release in 2005, the software has seen a number of added updates and features. The feature to download torrents with Magnet Links was added in 2008, and similar updates like Teredo tunneling and Micro Transparent Protocol have been added since then. Protocol Encryption and Peer Exchange with other torrent clients are other important updates. As of 2018, a feature to allow uTorrent to be controlled by another person on another computer was in beta testing.

Other features include:

  • UPnP support for all versions of Windows
  • RSS
  • Smart disc caching system that can be manually configured by the user

Full Proxy Server support, HTTPS tracker support and a bandwidth scheduler, among other things, are what make uTorrent a giant among the torrent clients of the Internet. The PRO version of the software is bundled with additional services like such as an integrated file converter, a built in media player and an anti-virus to detect malware and viruses in torrent files before they are opened. Additionally, PRO users have the advantage of going ad-free.

uTorrent boasts a simple interface yet gives multiple functionalities. Casual users can easily download and seed torrents, but for advanced users, uTorrent provides a complete control of the system for tweaks and rearrangement. Scheduling of bandwidth and manual port selection, for example, are some of the advanced features among countless others. With its availability in 67 languages, uTorrent has a user friendly UI that is accessible to all users, and lives up to its name– the “mu” sign in the name refers to the SI prefix “micro-” and is a nod to the software’s ability to use minimal resources while providing maximum functionality.

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Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10